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Blue Wall

Blue Wall Mail was born from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s historic victory.

Our team led the pivotal Biden-Harris direct mail program that successfully educated voters on vote-by-mail, mobilized target voters and persuaded key demographics.  We helped the campaign turn Arizona blue and of course, restore Democrats’ Blue Wall of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. 

For more than two decades, our team has helped elect Democrats and champion progressive causes. We have worked across paid media channels at the highest levels, and that deep understanding allows us to build programs that successfully leverage mail’s unique capabilities, including addressing and leveraging the vastly changing voting laws.

Our strategy wins. Our mail stands out. And we always collaborate because we aren’t a mail vendor, we are your team member.


Blue Wall


For two decades our strategy has won elections, mobilized communities, and made progress. Most recently, we led the Biden-Harris campaign’s direct mail program and strategy that were pivotal to victory in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona.


Cookie-cutter creative doesn’t stand out. Our creative continually wins awards, but more importantly, it moves voters and helps win elections. And our succinct messaging has been proven to be effective, because striking creative with clear messages is a must. 


Collaboration across all channels is a must. That’s why we dig in with your team and build a program that meets the campaign’s needs. And the same people who pitch you our services are the same people doing the work and will always be a text or phone call away.


Blue Wall

Restoring The Blue Wall

Blue Wall

Vaccine Awareness


Blue Wall

Greg Minoff
Founder & President

Chiara Scarcella
Senior Art Director


Biden-Harris Direct Mail Strategist Greg Minoff Launches Blue Wall Mail

The Blue Wall team helped the Biden-Harris campaign win nine crucial swing states during the once-in-a-century pandemic. “Greg led the highly effective and nimble mail program that was pivotal to our victory. The program successfully persuaded targeted constituencies and generated historically high-turnout with record-low mail ballot rejections – that combination was crucial,” said Jenn Ridder, Biden-Harris National States Director.


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